During the design and creation of the website, the utmost care was taken to ensure that accessibility and usability features were respected, so that the pages complied with the technical requirements set out in the legislation in force.

Making a website accessible means allowing anyone to fully access the content, information and services available on it, regardless of their operating system, navigation tools (devices other than a monitor, keyboard or mouse), browser settings, and regardless of their connection speed; therefore, access to services and information are also extended to those who need assistive technologies or special configurations due to disabilities.

From a technical point of view, the layout structures are made in XHTML 1.0 Strict, they have been laid out using CSS style sheets only, they do not contain frames and non-accessible flash objects, and no nested tables have been used. Furthermore:

  • textual equivalents have been provided which convey the same information to the user as non-textual content (all content images have their own description in the ALT attribute, purely decorative images have an ALT attribute with zero content)text and graphics are understandable even when displayed without the colour;
  • the structure was built using the markers necessary to be interpreted correctly by each navigation system;
  • the pages are accessible even if javascript are not supported or are disabled in the user’s navigation systems;
  • the characters have been set to a relative size, in accordance with the preferences specified by the user on his or her browser in the “font size” option;
  • forms have been set up to allow users to access information, fill in fields and submit data across a variety of devices;
  • for browsers that do not interpret CSS2 correctly, full readability of the content has been ensured;
  • the site is correctly navigable with assisted navigation tools.

The website has been tested with the following browsers:

  • Explorer version 6 and updating
  • Mozilla Firefox and other browsers equipped with the Gecko rendering engine (Firefox, Netscape, Camino)
  • Safari
  • Opera 9 and updating.

In order to provide an even better service, we invite you to send us any reports concerning the website to

Accessibility targets 2016