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EJNita, i.e. EJN – Italian Network: Building Bridges, is a project coordinated by the Italian Ministry of Justice and co-financed by the European Commission (Grant Agreement No 831373).

The project aims to strengthen and make more efficient the European Judicial Network in civil and commercial matters (European Judicial Network, EJN) and addresses the need to deepen the knowledge of judicial cooperation instruments in civil and commercial matters both in the judicial and professional fields.

To this end, this portal was created in order to, among others, facilitate the dialogue between national and European contact points and is accessible to all concerned.

In the Aldricus portal, which also includes a blog, information and materials of interest converge (legislations; internal, international and supranational case-law; links to relevant websites).

Among the planned activities, there are also some study visits to Italy by representatives of the civil judicial cooperation network coming from other EU Member States.

Launched on November 7 and 8, 2019, in the framework of a kick-off meeting related to “The circulation of interim measures in civil matters and public documents within the European Union” (available on the Facebook page of the Italian Ministry of Justice, see here and here), the project is developed by a consortium consisting of the following partners: Italian Ministry of Justice, Italian National Council of Notaries, Italian School for the Judiciary, University of Ferrara and Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan.

The project’s objectives, partners and activities are described in more detail in the information boxes below.

The project manager is the Italian Director General of International Affairs and Judicial Cooperation, Mr Stefano Opilio.


To learn more about Aldricus, please refer to the presentation spot here.