Project resources

The “Resources” section of the Portal includes first some documents drawn up under the supervision of the Scientific Committee to briefly meet the needs arising out of the application of private international law rules.

The Insights are reasoned collections of guidelines developed in practice on the interpretation of a given rule or about a certain legal notion. This section hosts an area dedicated to the impact of Brexit on private international law after 31 December 2020.

The Flowcharts schematically describe the main issues the legal practitioner is normally called upon to deal with in order to start and follow up on a given proceeding involving the application of private international law rules, or to satisfy a certain practical need according to these rules.

Finally, the Q&A consist in the reasoned analysis of a doubtful issue concerning the interpretation of one or more private international law rules.

The documents set out in the Portal are signed by one or more legal scholars, having an academic or a practical background, and reflect exclusively the authors point of view. These are mere contributions to the reflection and debate, which do not commit the Italian Ministry of Justice or the EJNita Project partners.

This section also contains a series of materials for training and updating of legal practitioners (clips, webinars, etc.), a selection of useful links, through which to find other information on the web as well as the references to books, journals and guidelines on private international law topics.

The reproduction, even partial, of the Insights, of the Flowcharts and Q&A is allowed on the condition that the author to be indicated and that their publication on the Aldricus Portal to be acknowledged.