The protection of maintenance obligations in Europe. The state of play on the European Union rules on cross-border recovery

27 Oct 2020

An online training session dedicated to “The protection of maintenance obligations in Europe” is scheduled for 27 October 2020. The event, which marks the launch of the Aldricus Portal, is part of the European Civil Justice Day.

This is the programme:


Introduction by Giorgio Lattanzi, President of the Italian School for the Judiciary

and by Raffaele Piccirillo, Head of Cabinet of the Italian Ministry of Justice;


European rules on the transnational protection of maintenance claims: an overview

Pietro Franzina, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan;


The role of Central Authorities in the recovery of maintenance claims abroad: analysis of a practical case

Giuseppe Vinciguerra, Central Authority for Regulation (EC) No 4/2009;


The seizure of bank accounts in Europe for the precautionary protection of maintenance claims: analysis of a practical case

Elena D’Alessandro, University of Turin;


Exploiting the opportunities of judicial cooperation in Europe with Aldricus, the portal of the EJNita project

Ester di Napoli, Lawyer, contract lecturer at LUMSA University.



Download the event poster* including links for participation.


The webinar is fully accessible here.


* The event poster is available in Italian only.