Un commentario al regolamento Bruxelles II ter

by Omar Vanin

C. González Beilfuss, L. Carpaneto, T. Kruger, I. Pretelli, M. Župan, “Jurisdiction, Recognition and Enforcement in Matrimonial and Parental Responsibility Matters. A Commentary on Regulation 2019/1111 (Brussels IIb)”, Eward Elgar Publishing, 2023, ISBN: 9781839103971.

Dal sito dell’editore: This authoritative Commentary on the recast Regulation 2019/1111 on matters of matrimonial and parental responsibility presents a deep analysis of the Regulation and is authored by leading experts in family law and private international law. Employing a granular, article-by-article approach, the Commentary acts as a detailed reference point on the uniform jurisdiction rules for divorce, legal separation and marriage annulment, as well as for disputes over parental responsibility with an international element, including child abduction. It provides clear guidance on and interpretation of the jurisdictional rules on collaboration of authorities and on the recognition and execution of judicial verdicts. (…) This meticulous and ambitious Commentary will be an indispensable companion for those involved in and practising family law, particularly in cases with a cross-border element, including judges, lawyers and child protection authorities. It will additionally be valuable for scholars of European family law and private international law.

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